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Published: January 26,2023


   The verdict is in and it's not great news. A new study published in the journal Nature Communications has found that radiation from nail dryers may damage DNA and cause cancer-causing mutations in human cells. While this may make you think twice about your regular gel mani-pedi, some dermatologists say the results of this study are nothing new. It only reaffirms why many dermatologists have changed their approach to getting gel manicures or even ceased to get them all together. So, what does this mean for us, and is a gel manicure worth the risk? Let’s take a look.



  The study itself was conducted by researchers at McMaster University in Ontario, Canada. The researchers used LED lamps similar to those found in most salon UV nail dryers but at higher doses than would typically be encountered during a salon visit (four times stronger). They then exposed artificial human skin samples to these lamps and measured the resulting DNA damage. The results showed that the DNA of these skin samples had been damaged beyond repair and could potentially lead to cancer-causing mutations due to exposure to radiation from nail dryers.

 Depending on who you ask, gel manicures are perfectly safe. Some dermatologists and studies say the UV lamps that quickly cure gel polish put fans of the treatment at higher risk for skin cancer, while others say the exposure is so minimal that there's nothing to worry about. However, a 2015 study published in JAMA Dermatology recommends that, despite the arguably negligible risk, gel manicure enthusiasts should use "physical blocking sunscreens or UVA protective gloves to limit the risk.

  But before you go canceling all your upcoming appointments, there are a few things you need to keep in mind when it comes to this study. For starters, while the findings of this study suggest that there is potential risk associated with UV light exposure due to nail dryers, they don’t necessarily prove that these risks are real or that they will occur if people continue using them as normal. Furthermore, what might be considered an acceptable level of exposure for one person may not be sufficient for another; meaning everyone’s individual health needs must be taken into account when considering whether or not getting a gel manicure is worth the risk.

A new study finds UV-nail polish dryers can kill cells and cause cancer-causing mutations


  The good news is that there are steps we can take to reduce our exposure if we do decide to get our nails done with UV light. For example, wearing protective gloves or limiting direct contact between your skin and the UV light source can help reduce your chances of developing any long-term health issues related to radiation exposure from nail dryers. Additionally, some salons now offer LED nail drying lamps that emit less radiation than traditional UV lamps so opting for one of these instead can also help mitigate some of your risks as well.


They are an increasingly popular option for nail lamp light manicures. Designed to protect the hands from UV radiation, these gloves are made of special materials that absorb and block out ultraviolet rays. These gloves come in several different sizes and styles, including full-finger models and open-finger designs.



Variety of Designs

  It offers 98 percent protection and is similar to ManiGolvz with a 50+ ultraviolet protection rating. It has stretchy nylon and spandex material to distinguish it. This glove is cheaper than the ManiGlovz. But despite its smell resistance, Manilovz remains one of the top Anti UV manicuring gloves in the industry. It isn't odor-resistant nor is dirt-resistant. When wiped, they lose their protective properties from radiation.

The primary benefit of anti-UV gloves when getting a manicure with UV light is the protection they provide against harmful radiation. These gloves are made of materials that block and absorb ultraviolet rays, helping reduce the risk of long-term health issues related to exposure to these types of lamps. Research has found that these gloves can reduce up to 99.


Overall, the research has made it clear that there is some risk associated with getting a gel manicure using UV lamps. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean you have to forgo your weekly mani-pedis altogether. By taking simple steps such as wearing protective gloves or opting for LED nail dryers instead of traditional UV lamps, you can significantly reduce your exposure to dangerous radiation and still enjoy beautiful nails without having to worry about long-term health risks. Ultimately, whether or not a gel manicure is worth the risk depends on each individual's unique circumstances; so make sure to consult with your doctor before making any decisions regarding your beauty routine.

for sun protection and driving Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank Top Celebrity Dermatologist and Dermatologist to Madonna “If you love the long-lasting lustrous look of gel manicures be aware the UV light used in the process can be carcinogenic to your skin like a tanning booth! You're already spending money to make your hands look better- you'll spend more lasering off sun damage or treating skin cancer if you're not careful. Try these great and funky UPF 50+ gloves to protect your hands during the treatment.

What do UV gloves do?

 Have you ever wished you could have salon-quality at-home manicures without the hassle of taking off your UV Lamp gloves? With anti-UV manicure gloves, now you can! These gloves are made from lightweight and breathable material that's not only comfortable to wear but also provides superior protection against UV rays. The fingers also feature a non-slip textured grip for better control when applying nail polish. Plus, they come in a variety of stylish colors and patterns to fit any look! So, say goodbye to those bulky old lamp gloves and hello to easy and safe manicures with anti-UV manicure gloves.

Are you looking for an effective way to reduce age spots and other signs of sun damage on your hands? Try anti-UV manicure gloves! These gloves come in one size that fits all and is made with durable, lightweight, and breathable material. They provide superior protection against UV rays, so you can rest assured your hands won’t be exposed to the sun’s harmful rays. Furthermore, the textured grip on the fingers makes applying nail polish easy, while also giving you better control when working with delicate touchups. So say goodbye to age spots and hello to safe, salon-quality manicures with anti-UV manicure gloves!

It blocks 99 per cent of ultraviolet light, so your hands are virtually free from the sun while removing gel nails from your nails.

Do nitrile gloves protect against UV?

  Ensure your hands are clean with gloves, a mask, or a lab robe if using UV light. Thicker nitrile gloves may be used, but latex gloves can be doubled.

Do UV protection gloves work?

  Dermatologist approval Dermatologists worldwide agree sunscreen gloves protect your skin better against UV radiation. It is advised to wear protective hand gloves to protect against sunburn or to prevent aging.


  Not only are incredibly effective at protecting against harmful UV radiation, but they can also help increase the lifespan of your manicure. This is because they protect the hands from direct contact with the UV light source which can cause premature fading of the gel polish. In addition to this, these gloves help reduce heat transfer that may occur.

 When it comes to ultraviolet protection, you want to make sure you're getting the best possible protection. That's why are a great choice - they offer superior UV protection with their special material that blocks UVA and UVB rays. The material is lightweight and breathable, so you'll be comfortable wearing them even on hot days. Moreover, the textured grip allows for easy application of nail polish. Now you can be sure that you have the ultimate ultraviolet protection factor!

  Are you ready to upgrade your sun protection? Look no further than anti-UV fingerless gloves! These gloves are lightweight and comfortable, with breathable fabric that blocks out harmful UV rays. The textured grip on the fingers provides superior control when working with nail polish, while the built-in money pocket is perfect for storing cash or cards safely. Plus, they don't cover your fingertips, so you can easily use touchscreens and other devices without any fuss. So what are you waiting for? Get ready for summer with anti-UV fingerless gloves and enjoy safe hands without sacrificing convenience!










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