Hair Color: What You Need to Know



Published: January 27,2023

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Hair Color: What You Need to Know

Do you want to change up your look with a brand-new hair color? There are a lot of things to consider before taking the plunge. Whether you’re going for a subtle highlight or an all-over dye job, here’s what you need to know about hair color.

Types of Hair Color

Your options range from semi-permanent and demi-permanent dyes, which add shine and blend away gray hairs, to permanent dyes that cover those grays completely. And don’t forget about highlights and lowlights, which have the same effect as permanent dyes but are painted onto small sections of your hair.(Keyra Colors)

Keyra is a unique and vibrant color palette that features bright and cheerful hues. It offers a range of shades from soft pastels to bold and daring brights. This color scheme is perfect for when you need to bring some fun and energy into your home or office space. The keyra color palette features an array of different colors like oranges, pinks, blues, greens, yellows, purples, reds and more. Each shade in the keyra palette provides a unique look that can be used to create any type of design aesthetic you desire.


Using the Keyra colors in your home décor can inject life into even the dullest space. The bold orange hue can be used as an accent wall in a living room while the softer pastel hues work well as a backdrop for traditional furnishings like sofas and chairs. Similarly, if you are looking to create an energizing environment at work, then the brighter shades within the keyra palette can certainly do the trick! Adding pops of these cheerful colors will liven up any mundane workspace while also bringing a sense of harmony to it.


The possibilities with the Keyra color palette are endless! If you’re feeling creative then go ahead and combine two or more shades together for interesting results. You could also use one strong hue as an anchor that ties together other lighter tones in order to achieve balance in your design scheme. Whichever way you choose to use it, these vivid colors will definitely make your home or office stand out from the rest!

Color Maintenance

Dyeing your hair is only the first step — now comes the upkeep. If you’ve gone for permanent dye, be sure to use color-safe shampoos and conditioners after each wash if you want your locks to keep their luster for as long as possible. If it's highlights or lowlights you've chosen, try not to wash your hair more than twice per week; this will help preserve their vibrancy.

How much does it cost to dye your hair a color at a salon?

Prices in salons for color hair can vary between $75 - $200 depending on the color method employed in the salon, experience level of your stylists and hair type. Cost to buy a dye kit at home varies. There is an array of ways to change hair colours.

Which hair dye brand is healthiest?

The most effective Hair Color for hair is the Biolage haircolor which contains no ammonia or PPD. We also recommend Madison Reed Radiant Haircolors, a kit containing no ammonia, parabens, resorbent, PDDs, phthalamate and gluten.

What hair dye lasts the longest?

Compared to blonde hair color, brown hair dyes last longer. You shouldn't bleach your hair because eumelin helps retain hair color longer.

What are the top rated hair products?

Top Beauty Award 2022: Hair. Best shampoo & conditioner in the USA. Recommended hair dryer : Pantene Pro- V daily hair dryer. Optimal shampoo to clean opalplex. The Best Shampoos and Conditioners (Damaged) Recommended shampoo and conditioner - Dry: Pantene ProV daily moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. Olaplex Bonds - Cleaning Shampoo and Clarifying Conditioner.



If dying your strands isn't part of your plan, consider using temporary coloring products like spray-in tints or chalks — they can last anywhere from just one night to several weeks depending on how often you shampoo them out. Alternatively, there are also plenty of available styling techniques like balayage that don't require any harsh chemicals near your scalp or follicles.

Whether you're looking for something dramatic or just a slight change in hue, take into account these tips before following through with any type of hair coloring treatment so that you can end up with the color and style that best suits you!



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